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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Kano Rally: Jonathan Under Attack

GEJ-KanoPresident Goodluck Jonathan has been tongue-lashed over his visit to Kano State on Tuesday, where the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, held a colorful rally to officially welcome ex-governor Ibrahim Shekarau to the fold.

Some northern groups while faulting Jonathan’s visit to the state two days after the bomb explosion, which claimed several lives in Nyanya, an Abuja suburb, described it as height of insensitivity and callousness.

Spokesperson for the Northern Elders Forum, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, and Second Republic lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, in separate interviews with Punch, said President Jonathan had no respect for those who lost their lives in the deadly incident.

Abdullahi said it was unfair for the president to have embarked on such journey when the nation was still in a sober mood and mourning Monday morning’s bomb attack.

He said, “This is not the first time. Only recently in Katsina, when several people died, the President went on with his campaign. This is not the first time, it shows how callous the leadership of this country is.

“This is why people are asking so many questions whether they are even concerned about the insecurity that we are in and whether they are really taking serious steps to end it.

“This is really another tragedy which should have kept everybody in their houses or their offices in a remorseful mood and talking about how to prevent future occurrences. What we are seeing is ceremony, rallies and speech making without concern.

“The fact that the President was physically present in Kano shows his level of concern for this tragedy. This big tragedy is a reflection of where we are as a country. Everyday we hear of 50, 100, 200 people dying yet there are rallies going on. I am not surprised that this is the attitude being exhibited by the people at the highest level.

Speaking in the same vein, Junaid said, “The President’s trip to Kano on a political campaign was thoroughly irresponsible.

“It portrays the President as being grossly insensitive and that he cares more about winning or rigging the election in 2015 than the lives that were lost in the capital, a stone throw from where he resides.

“And if this kind of insensitivity and irresponsibility which has characterised his Presidency so far, it shows you that he does not stand a chance of winning elections in the North because this violence happened in Abuja and Abuja happens to be situated in the centre of the North.

“If he cannot be with the people of the North in Abuja, he cannot be with them in the North. As strategic as Kano is, it cannot be more important than the rest of the North”, Junaid fumed.

White Man Disgraces 2 Runs Girls Publicly After he Refused to Pay them for their Services (LOOK)

2 runs girls acousted a tourist man in their town, demanding for payments of their last night Pleasure with him. But it didn’t turn out well as it attracted some group of men who were going to their work place. The tourist man had to part with 30,000 shillings but it was taken by some group of men who came and beat the lady up for embarrassing a visitor. WATCH THE VIDEO

via NaijaGossip

Guys; 10 Keys To Finding A GOOD WIFE!

1. Be ready to commit.

You may say “this is common sense” but you’d be surprised at the number of guys who have told me, “find me a wife” but then when the time comes, they get nervous or start to envision all the girls they can still “have”. Being ready to commit to marriage is being sure that you have either got all your “playing” done or having no desire to “play” anymore. More so, marriage requires stability. Before getting ready to take the leap, get your life together… job, stable mind, emotions, finances, stability all around.

2. Stop dating just to date.

Quit playing around. Agreed, especially if you’re good “husband material”, there will be flocks of girls who are vying for your attention or who your family and friends are trying to “hook” you up with. Worse still, you may see all your friends, either married or in relationships, always have dates to events. Don’t be pressured into dating a girl you know you don’t want to marry, even if you think she knows this. Not only will you save her the heartbreak of holding onto nonexistent hope, you’ll save yourself the pain of breaking it off when the time comes.

While dating is good for love, friendship, and companionship, don’t assume you have to be in a relationship all the time to get this. While you can get those or at least a version, from other relationships, being picky about who you jump into relationship with, will give you time, to even get to know yourself better.

Another consequence of dating someone you have zero intention to marry, is that they “block” your real wife. If not by turning off women who would’ve been interested, I believe in the unexplainable power of blocked blessings. If someone is standing in the way, for some reason, the universe finds it more difficult to move the right person your way. And even when it happens, it’s harder for you to recognize her. I’m an avid witness of several occasions where a person stays in a fruitless relationship for so long to no end but the minute they break clean of it, their “one” appears. Just like that. It happens, everyday.

3. Make a reasonable list.

One of the first steps to finding what you want is knowing what you want. There are the usual nonnegotiable suspects for a good wife: trustworthy, loyal, keeps you grounded, emotional stability, shares your beliefs, ambitious, selfless, humble, makes the efforts with your family, loves you unconditionally and goes the extra mile to make you happy. But then no one knows you better than yourself. Take the time out to put to paper all the things that will “compliment” you and your personality. If you’re disorganized, a wife who’ll keep you in order may be what you need. If you spend a lot of money, a financially-responsible wife may be what your future family would need. One of my male friends, who is a social butterfly, once broke off a relationship because he said he couldn’t marry someone who couldn’t handle his personality. While a very social man should make the effort to make sure his wife is comfortable when they are out in public, it is important for that kind of man to marry a confident, strong and equally sociable woman who can hold her own and doesn’t expect to be baby-sat in public. In the same light, if you’re a man who has a lot of female friends, its important to marry a wife who doesn’t get uncomfortable or jealous easily. Especially if your career, (salesman, DJ, etc), requires you to continually socialize, you need a woman who’ll support you and knows when to give you space.

More so, it’s been wisely said that you should only marry a woman who you’ll want your daughters to emulate. Envision what you want your daughters to be like, and watch your “requirements” align. After all, your wife will be your daughters’ first role model.

4. Look beyond the physical.

Open your mind. Recognize your Michelle Obama when you see her. Like I said in 7 Keys to Finding a Good Husband, marriage is deeper than looks. Looks fade but the deeper qualities last forever. Sometimes, you get surprised when you see a hot man or woman with a less than attractive partner, you wonder “I wonder what he is doing with that girl”. Hellooo, she must be giving him something that’s deeper than your eyes can see. Of course, you want to be attracted to your wife, so that you don’t have to look else where. But, there are many other wife qualities that beat out physical beauty. Again, you want a wife who is supportive, upgrades you,trustworthy, loyal, keeps you grounded, shares your beliefs, ambitious, selfless, humble, makes the efforts with your family, loves you unconditionally and goes the extra mile for you and your relationship.

5. Tell people you trust.

An alarming number of good relationships and marriages have been born out of ‘introductions’. It could be a simple, “hey Obi, meet me cousin Ify” that’ll wake cupid up. Tell family and friends that you trust that you are ready for a wife and they may know or come across someone who’ll fit you perfectly. Just like a CEO, you can’t be everywhere at every time and your two eyes can only go so far. So, make your loved ones your agents and before you know it, they may give you a lifetime link. And yea, notice the words, “loved ones” and “trust”…only these kind of people have your best interests AND know you well enough to know a good match for you.

I must note here, that a major determinant of the success of an introduction is how all the parties involved handle it. This may require an entire new post, but here’s the ABC of it. If you made the introduction, once you connect them, you’ve done your part. Besides the occasional, how’s “that” going?, stay away and let cupid do its work, or not. NO pressure needed. If you’re the person who’s being introduced, approach it as a friendship. Keep an open mind, Thread carefully and be mature enough to understand that this connection could mean many things: the wedding of your dreams, a new job, a friendship or nothing at all. For everyone involved, both connected and connector must determine that no matter how it turns out, it shouldn’t affect the original relationship/friendship. Basically, don’t blame the connector if it doesn’t work out.

6. Be prayerful.

It goes without saying that God’s hand has to be in this decision because finding a good life partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Say a short prayer to this end as often as you can. It may be as simple as “Dear God, you know me more than I know myself. Please guide me to my wife and open my eyes enough to recognize her. Amen”. See, simple

7. Be a Good Man.

Similar vibes are attracted to each other. To even deserve a good wife, you need to be a good person. So while you look for your “good” wife, take the time to dust up the “good” in yourself. Quit the “A*#S” behaviors, learn to care about other people’s feelings, be considerate and be nice! You’d be amazed at how focusing on being good to even yourself will attract the best of people to you.

8. Do your research.

In Igboland, its called “iju ase”, literally meaning to ask around. It’s very important that once you find a “potential” wife, that you find someone who knows her. Of course, there’s the valid argument that everyone make mistakes and change. If you find a good wife who has a questionable past, you should be mature enough to give them the chance to explain, then decipher what information matters and which you can look past. However, a decision is strong when it is informed. If you’re reading this and you have something questionable in your past, regarding yourself or your family, that could discourage a potential husband/wife, honesty and transparency are your best friends. Instead of being afraid of your past and keeping it a secret, tell it like it is. If its meant to be, the past won’t matter.

9. Let go of the past.

A lot of bad boys are former broken-hearted good boys. You can’t be a good husband if you haven’t forgiven your ex for breaking your heart. Before you can be a good husband, you have to be able to open your heart and show your weaknesses to another person. To do this, you’ll need to make up your mind not to punish your wife for the mistakes of your past.

10. Choose your friend.

When picking a wife, don’t underestimate the power of friendship. There’s no worse mistake that rushing into a marriage with someone who isn’t your friend. Unless you want a “wife” who just cooks, cleans and has kids for you but can’t connect with you emotionally or intellectually, marrying your friend is imperative. Ask the important questions: Can you easily talk to each other? Can you communicate effectively? Do they share the same values and principles in life as you? Do they share your faith? Are they capable of being kind, loving, and faithful to you? Can they fit into your family? Can you stand to see their face when you’re at your boiling point? If you want children, will they make a good mother? When you find a potential, first be her friend…talk, talk and do activities together that’ll reveal their characteristics.

via NaijaGossip

LADIES; 5 Things Nigerian Men Find Unattractive In You

1. Desperados!

These are the sort of girls that you find at every party, in every bar or night club. And if you’re confused; here are some pointers. They are wearing thick make up, chewing violently on fake gums and standing ALONE clutching unto their little purses! So we can already tell that they either don’t have cars or they didn’t come with anybody they could trust enough to hold their bags. Desperados don’t want to dance of course; except you have a striking age resemblance with their dads back in the village or if you’ve got a tommy to remind them of theirs’ before they got an abortion. But not dancing doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate drinks!

‘Can I buy you a drink?’ “Of course”.

And while you do; she pretends to receive a call in front of a loud speaker!

Listen I’m not saying there’s anything wrong in being bought a drink for; but women who act as though they are entitled to a man’s wallet have got to go! It’s unattractive and it’s downright classless!

2. Blackberry Beggars.

How a classy lady can turn from her ‘whatever’ attitude before you got her PIN to posting sad and teary icons on her blackberry profile, beats me. I mean come on girls; whatever happened to your pride? I know you’re broke- but must the world know? Do you have to post all your problems to the new dude?

But I trust my Naija guys to say-

‘Eeyaa! It shall be well!’

Jokes apart; one thing is certain; if he helps you with some money, he does so out of pity- which is not something you want a man dating you to feel for you. He should feel respect for you; so please respect yourselves. If a man starts giving you money immediately after meeting you, please don’t go running to your gossipy friends 6 months later to tell them how wicked men are. He’s just recouped his investment dividends for 6 months! And if you must tell them; please start such stories with how greedy you were.

3. Gbabes:

Granted that most of us want girls who have Indian blood running in their veins; but we’re not stupid enough to know that we can’t all have that. Gbabes are girls whose hairs remind me of the psychiatric hospital opposite my church!

I know you can’t all afford to wear the expensive lace wigs and Brazilian hair that Omotola or Patience Jonathan wears- but why not thank God for the Aba boys? They have made some extension braids and ‘Brazilian hair’ affordable for peanuts…

4. Unkempt Private Areas:

*Hums* “Sometimes I shave my legs sometimes I don’t’. That’s cool and all but I’m going to need you to shave under your arms and the other place (you know where.) I am not scared of using the P word but this is a family friendly website- and I’m sure you get the gist. We may be bush men here in Nigeria, but please give yourself an edge up by keeping it like a well-manicured lawn rather than like a jungle safari in the middle of Niger Delta!

5. Loud Mouths:

Some girls know all the lyrics of all the tracks in Terry G’s or Wizkid’s Album. I once danced with a girl who took me through Timaya’s discography while wearing a smile. She even knew what the upcoming tracks were! Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s all good.

But what’s not good is that the Naija guy, you’re dancing with or rapping at, has already formed an opinion of you! You’re a loudmouth in his head. And you seriously can’t fault him for this assumption.

What the average Nigerian who wants to have something serious with you- thinks about is; “what will my people say about this girl?”

Truth is; if I can’t bring you home to momma we can’t roll. I can’t stand a woman whose every word is a curse; mothereffer this, son of a —– that et cetera. Kindly have at least; an ounce of class and act like a lady not an Obalende conductor!

Peace out and love to Nigerian ladies, I think you’re all beautiful. These observations are not meant to offend any of you; but a little dose of ‘keeping it real’ is always healthy.

via NaijaGossip

Minister Rules Out Mass Burial For Nyanya Bomb Blast Victims

bombblastThe FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed, on Tuesday said there would be no mass burial for victims of Monday’s explosion in Nyanya, Abuja.

Mr. Mohammed said that the corpses of the victims would be released to their families.

He made this known while speaking to journalists shortly after visiting some victims of the blast at Asokoro District Hospital in Abuja.

He said the corpses would be released to their owners without any delay after proper identification.

“We will give them befitting burial they deserved. There will be no mass burial but we will do everything possible so that they will be identified by their relations”, he said.

Mr. Mohammed added that the six-month-old baby, who survived the blast, and receiving treatment at the Asokoro hospital, would be re-united with her mother, who is also receiving treatment at Wuse District Hospital.

He said the Abuja administration would foot the medical bills of all those injured in the explosion and directed the FCT Secretary of Health, Ademola Onakomaiya, to refer serious cases to specialist hospitals.

He condemned the attack and described it as wicked and heartless.

The police confirmed the death of 71 people and 124 injured in the blast.

Mr. Onakomaiya, however, told the minister that one victim died on Tuesday morning at the Wuse District Hospital, bringing the number of the dead to 72.



Rival cult groups clash over girlfriend, One dead, many injured

A 33-year-old man has been killed during a feud between two rival cult groups around Iba new site.

Trouble, as gathered, started on Monday, April 14, at about 8pm, between two cult groups from Aratomi and Chemist, after a cult member from Aratomi reportedly snatched a female lover from a member of the other group.

This unfortunately led to a battle that lasted several hours resulting in the death of a man simply identified as Hamburger, while several others were injured.

It was gathered at the scene of the incident that for the timely intervention of policemen from the Ojo Police division it would have degenerated.

One of the victims, who was attacked with machete and an axe on his head and body, was rushed to the Igando General Hospital where he died yesterday from loss of blood.

According to a police source, who preferred annonimity, “already, 11 suspects have been arrested in connection with the killing and have been taken to Panti.

According to the victim’s brother; “My younger brother was returning from work on Monday when he was attacked. There were deep cuts on his head, spinal cord and legs. We took him to the hospital where he died.

“He is my younger brother, he is not a cultist, he spent 10 years with me as an apprentice learning tiling and recently he had his freedom.”

via nigerianeye

21 Killed By Fulani Herdsmen In Benue, Taraba

21 persons were yesterday feared dead in Benue and Taraba States following attacks by gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

12 youths were killed in the attack on Obagaji, the headquarters of Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State, while nine deaths were reported at Nwokyo village in Wukari Local Government Area of Taraba State.

According to the Chairman Agatu Elders’ Committee, Mr. Sule Ngbede, the young men had gone to fetch sand for building with a tipper in the river which is about three kilometres to the local government area headquarters when the gunmen attacked and killed them.

He said that the corpses of the victims had been moved to Obagaji, the council headquarters.

Ngbede also lamented that soldiers who were drafted to Agatu had continued to stay in Obagaji while the boundary areas to the river had been left unmanned.

Ngbede therefore appeal to security agencies posted to Agatu not to restrict their movement to the council’s headquarters but to always move around and ensure peace in the communities in Agatu.

Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in the state, Daniel Ezeala, a Superintendent of Police, confirmed the report, disclosing that the remains of the 12 victims had been moved to the mortuary.


SO CRAZY: See what this mad boy did to his girlfriend

See what this boy did to his girlfriend during a fight. Guys, can you do this to your girlfriend? SEE IT HERE

via NaijaGossip

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

See Those Thighs! Anita Joseph Shows Off Her Thick Lap (SEE PHOTOS)

The actress shared more of her no makeup photos and complained about makeup damaging her face. She claimed Makeup gives her pimples, and she’s thinking of dropping it completely. More pics after the cut:

via NaijaGossip

SEE Gov. Kwankwaso ‘Sweeping Off’ Jonathan’s Feet After Visiting Kano

Shortly after President Goodluck Jonathan left Kano State after a party rally, the governor of the state, Rabiu Kwankwaso led his state officials to sweep the ground the president stepped on during his stay.

In the Hausa culture, when a broom is used to sweep off the departure of a guest, it is the highest expression of disdain for the visitor...Another pics after the cut:

via NaijaGossip

I Am Better Than Banky W - Darey Art-Alade Declares

In a recent interview with Encomium magazine, Darey revealed his thoughts that he is the king of RnB music in Nigeria and not Banky W. When asked if he feels any competition between himself and Banky W knowing that they are both called Nigeria's king of RnB, Darey replied; "There is only one king of RnB.

I have never heard anybody being called king of RnB except me. I have never heard anybody call him (Banky W) king of RnB except if you think he is one. But the truth is, there is only one king, and you know who the king is. If you doubt it, my new material will settle the scores.

Although it has taken sometime, I am very happy the work is coming out soon" he told the magazine Darey who owns a recording company, Soul Musik, and has artistes (Zaina & Mo Eazy) signed to him. also spoke on the increased rate of artiste/management face off and revealed plans of acquiring a radio station.

via NaijaGossip


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